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This is my online journal of the struggle to overcome neck pain which developed into a herniated disc between C5-C6 and ultimately neck surgery.  I have no medical qualifications or expertise.  My intent is to personally track my own journey and in so doing, to share it with others who are at some point in their own neck pain journey.  Perhaps you will learn from my experience, or will be able to add a comment that will in turn help others.

If you are reading this, then you probably already have or know someone close to you who has neck or back pain.  I wish you well.  For me, this has definitely turned into a marathon and not a sprint, which I originally was hoping for.  Good Luck to you.







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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Neck Scar

The Neck Scar.  A cervical disc replacement is performed through the neck front.  As my doctor explained, it is very easy to access the spine from the front and recovery is fast. Through the back of the neck requires cutting through all the muscles attached to the spine which go down the shoulders and upper back and recovery takes much longer as the muscles also need to heal.  OK, but a gruesome scar?  Not if I could help it!  Of couse, Halloween would be a cinch and I could just imagine the innocent questions .... "What happened to your neck?" I had a bad day in the office? No thanks.

We had used Mederma on our son a few years ago with minimal success, although this may have been because we were inconsistent with the application.  However, my scar was not small and looked like a red zipper.  I wanted guaranteed results.

Rejuveness - Scar Healing Center 

After research I discovered a product called Rejuveness.  The testimonials were impressive.  I bought 3 products:  the silicone sheet, the Rejuveness tape to hold it in place and the scar cream to be applied directly on the scar before the silicone sheet.  As soon as my scar had become dry, approx 3 weeks after the surgery, I started using these products. 

How does Rejuveness work?  When your skin develops a scar due to the healing of a wound, your skin also over time develops a 'memory' of that scar, so even as our skin cells get old, die and are shed, the new replacement skin cells continue to take on the shape and location of the scar tissue.  If you can prevent the scar tissue from forming, there will be no memory of it for the skin to keep replacing.  The silicon somehow has the ability to help the skin repair itself and at the same time dissolve the scar.  The scar cream accelerates healing of the scar. What can I say, it works!

Application of Rejuveness.  I rubbed a small amount of the cream directly onto the scar.  I stuck the (washable) silicon strip over the top and then held it in place with the tape.  I applied the tape about 12-18 hours a day.  By this time it was winter and was easily hidden under a turtleneck or scarf.  My skin did not like the tape too much so I used very narrow pieces of tape that I placed in different places each time.  The silicon is hand washable with some gentle soap.  It never wears out.  Chances are you'll lose it since it is clear before you stop so having extra on hand is a good idea.

It took about 2 months and my scar had completely dissolved!  All I am left with is an indented line where the cut was made by the doctor along one of the natural lines of my neck.  I am very happy with the results.  View my original scar photos.

The entire area on my neck healed very quickly, partly I believe as a past esthetician I have always taken great care of my skin in general.  The item I used prior to the surgery and continue to this day is Dr. Denese neck cream (on right side of this site).  The most effective product I have tried and lasts for months.  A little goes a very long way.  I believe it is important to have your skin in good condition before the operation which will help in the healing process.

For more testimonials and the complete line of products, go to
http://www.rejuveness.com/ .
You will find links to two Rejuveness kits on the right of this site which are the ideal size for neck scar removal.


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Rejuveness - Scar Healing Center

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Here I am 1 year after surgery, in the Fall of 2009.  Happy days; a far cry from my pain one year earlier.  Below you can view a closeup of my scar.



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My scar after neck pain surgery.  Dr. Albert explained to me that access is much simpler going through the front of the neck and eliminates cutting through any muscle which would extend recovery time.  In fact, he told me that it is possible to use a finger and push through the neck to the back of the neck or spine.  Read my Blog entry about how I prevented any ugly scarring on my neck using ReJuveness silicone and scar cream.  It really works!

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