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This is my online journal of the struggle to overcome neck pain which developed into a herniated disc between C5-C6 and ultimately neck surgery.  I have no medical qualifications or expertise.  My intent is to personally track my own journey and in so doing, to share it with others who are at some point in their own neck pain journey.  Perhaps you will learn from my experience, or will be able to add a comment that will in turn help others.

If you are reading this, then you probably already have or know someone close to you who has neck or back pain.  I wish you well.  For me, this has definitely turned into a marathon and not a sprint, which I originally was hoping for.  Good Luck to you.







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Sunday, November 7, 2010


REGRESSION AND PROGRESSION.  It is all to easy to fall out of the routine of best exercise practices.  Summer hit, school was out, all the routines were gone.  We went away for two weeks, summer camp took over, and I stopped exercising at the YMCA.  I also got out of the habit of walking our dog regularly. By the time school was back in session, I realized how uncomfortable my shoulders and neck had become.  I had also put on some weight while on vacation and it hadn't shifted! 

The beginning of September we refocused.  I committed to taking the dog on longer and more frequent walks and working out at the gym with my son including walking round the inside track 1.5 - 2 miles.  The combination very slowly helped me lose some weight.  It also gave me the opportunity to talk with our son.  It was usually a canvassing campaign for an Xbox 360 for his upcoming birthday.  Nonetheless, it was a conversation we otherwise wouldn't have had.

I had been struggling with my neck at work, especially when focused on certain assignments that required more concentration and a tendency to lean forward.  It got so bad I felt a severe pain in the middle of my left shoulder by the end of the day on several occasions, and this led to a grinding and tightening of my neck; symptoms I try to avoid.  I thought that sitting vertically straight was the answer, but on a hunch I decided to remove my back support from the chair, which meant that I was literally slouching backwards.  To my amazement, a shift in the center of gravity gave me NO SHOULDER PAIN, even when I felt stressed!  A simple change in the angle of my sitting posture completely improved my comfort level! 

So a recommitment to exercising and a change in posture has helped immensely, even though I may look like a slouch!

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