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This is my online journal of the struggle to overcome neck pain which developed into a herniated disc between C5-C6 and ultimately neck surgery.  I have no medical qualifications or expertise.  My intent is to personally track my own journey and in so doing, to share it with others who are at some point in their own neck pain journey.  Perhaps you will learn from my experience, or will be able to add a comment that will in turn help others.

If you are reading this, then you probably already have or know someone close to you who has neck or back pain.  I wish you well.  For me, this has definitely turned into a marathon and not a sprint, which I originally was hoping for.  Good Luck to you.







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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Introduction to Wobenzym NŽ

WobenzymN.jpgWhen I was going through intense pain 2 years ago before my neck surgery, I went to a health food store and enquired about what they recommended for inflammation.  My nerves were inflamed because they were being pinched by the herniated disc.  If I could reduce the inflammation, I could reduce the tension in my neck and shoulders.  It was a vicious cycle. But how to stop the cycle?  A lady in the health food store told me about her bad knee.  It had been so bad she had frequent and regular cortizone shots.  Someone told her about Wobenzym N.  She took it twice a day as recommended.  Her knee improved to the point that she rarely needs a cortizone shot.  OK, so I gave it a try. 

When I was in extreme pain, it helped reduce the severity.  However, I went ahead with the operation, and glad I did.  I take Wobenzym N now to help my other joints and for all the other health benefits, which are many.  The manufacturer's site is
http://www.mucos.de/home/.  There is an option to translate the site to English in the top right corner.

This is a natural supplement aimed at supplementing the many enzyme systems of the body.  It has been suggested that it is the gradual breakdown of our enzyme production that leads to the aging process.

Wobenzym N was originally designed by Professor Max Wolf and his colleague Helen Benitez in Germany in the late 1950's.  Read the full history at
http://www.mucos.de/wir-ueber-uns/geschichte/ .  You may have to hit the translate button for English. 

The only caution is not to take this if you are on blood thinner medicine, are pregnant or nursing.  Other than that, there haven't been any recorded negative reactions in over 50 years.

The worst part of this is, well, to put it bluntly and accurately, the tablets smell like cat urine!  I kid you not!  However, if you keep the tablets in the fridge this eliminates the smell.  

In order to bypass the enzymes in our stomach, the tablets must be taken on an empty stomach, which means 2 hours after meals, and drank with a glass of cold water.  A hot drink will melt the protective covering of the 3 tablets.  Then you must wait another 45 mins before eating or drinking anything but water.  I
keep some by my bed and take them in the middle of the night.  There are not too many parts of the day when I have a 3-hour window without any food or drink! Nighttime seems to be the only time I can be sure I will not eat or drink for that length of time.

The cheapest supplier I have found is Amazon.com.  Take the time to read the comments.  They have different quantities.  However, you may find them at your local healthfood or whole foods store. While my herniated disc was too far gone for the pain to be eliminated  it did decrease in intensity.  I believe this was caused by the Wobenzym N.

Now I take it because it helps prevent any joint or organ inflammation, and helps boost my immune system. Come back soon for my next post about the contents of and studies performed on Wobenzym N.
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